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Elementary School




Suggested hours of instruction or learning activities for Grades 1-3 students: 4 hours per day for 5-day week. Suggested hours of instruction or learning activities for Grades 4-5 students: 5 hours per day for 5-day week.




Please see the CIAS SCOPE AND SEQUENCE for Learning Objectives for each grade level.






Elementary school consists of grades 1-5. A well-rounded elementary education program should include all of the following:


  1. Memorization of God's Word! We have seen so many children learn better when they are memorizing portions from the Bible.

  2. Exposure to the aesthetic: the study of music, art, gymnastics, ballet, and dance is imperative to the formation of brain cells and memory capacity.

  3. Physical fitness: Your students should have as much exposure to the outside world around them as possible. Sunshine and physical exercise helps them to grow into strong people.

  4. Scholastic achievement: They should study English grammar, composition & creative writing, handwriting & penmanship, mathematics, social studies, history, science, health, and geography & map skills.

  5. Reading & literature: Take your children to the library or add to your own collection of classics, novels, and biographies. Reading expands the mind and helps a child to see the world from an intelligent and godly perspective.

  6. Personal skills and hygiene: they should be introduced to developing good work habits, citizenship, basic health & safety, personal grooming, and social etiquette.

  7. Unit studies and group learning activities are a great way to expand the educational horizons of your children in their elementary years.

  8. Club memberships: 4H, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Keepers at Home, Defenders of the Faith, AWANA, Master Clubs, Missionettes, Royal Rangers, Royal Ambassadors, and Pioneers Clubs are some of the many activities available.






CurrClick: Live Homeschool Classes


Virtual Homeschool Group: Live or At-Your-Own-Pace classes)








Home School Book Smart (formerly Roland, Inc.)

8443 Pensacola Blvd (Hwy. 29)


Hours: M/T/TH/F, 1-5 PM 

PCA Bookstore (A Beka Publishers)

10 Brent Lane

Hours: M-F, 10-5



Christian Book Distributors


Rainbow Resource

Progeny Press (Christian Literature Study Guides)

Lower Elementary (Grades K-3)


Upper Elementary (Grades 3-5)


Classical Conversations




Learning Adventures

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool (supplemental materials)





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