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Academics at CIAS


CIAS is a K-12 private school serving the Pensacola community and homeschooled students across the Florida Panhandle and beyond. We currently offer three programs:

  • A full-time K-12 Campus School, with Flex (part-time) options

  • A homeschool Umbrella School

  • A Live-Online School, platformed on Google Classroom


CIAS proudly uses a successful homeschool model so that our students can prosper in an individualized academic program created just for them within our school environment. We have small classes, low teacher-to-student ratios, utilize an eclectic curriculum, and offer intervention and tutoring as needed for our students to thrive and grow. 

Our school is constantly evolving in a healthy way to meet the needs of our students. Our school serves K5-12 advanced/honors/gifted students, general education (GENED) students, and special education (SPED/ESE) students, as delineated in our published materials and various website pages.


CIAS offers a wide variety of classes, from academics to fine arts and physical education. Homeschooled students may attend our Campus School 1-5 days a week, take a class, join a science lab or club, and participate as much or as little as they like.

Our students use a wide variety of academic curricula from many sources and publishers; these are listed in detail in our published Handbooks 

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