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Academics at CIAS


CIAS is a K-12 private school serving the Pensacola community and homeschooled students across the Florida Panhandle and beyond. We currently offer two programs:

  • A full-time K-12 Campus School with flex/hybrid options

  • A homeschool Umbrella School

Our student body is comprised of different kinds of learners: honors, general education, and special education (ESE). CIAS proudly uses a successful homeschool model so our students can prosper in an individualized academic program created just for them within our school environment. We have small classes, low teacher-to-student ratios, utilize an eclectic curriculum, and offer intervention and tutoring as needed for our students to thrive and grow. 

CIAS offers a wide variety of classes (both in-person and online, platformed on Google Classroom), from academics to fine arts and physical education. Homeschooled students may attend our Campus School 1-5 days a week, take a class, join a science lab or club, and participate as much or as little as they like.


High-quality academics which prepare our students for college, career, and ministry opportunities far beyond the secondary schooling years are an important part of our students' education programs, so we utilize curricula, courses, and schoolwork that produce desired results.


The CIAS Scope and Sequence contains lists of academic curricula from many respected sources and publishers, individual grade level Learning Objective charts, Standards of Learning, lists of curricula that our Umbrella School parents and Campus School teachers use, and so much more. It can be accessed HERE.

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