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CIAS strives to provide our students with the structured organization and benefits of a school and, at the same time, enable them to reap the benefits of Biblical worldview education.  Our school motto, Walk in Truth, is derived from 3 John 4, which states, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” What is this truth? John 17:17 says, “Thy Word is truth.”


As we seek to impart a Christian and biblical worldview to our students, we use curriculum and textbooks which supports this goal. While secular curriculum may be inexpensive and more readily available, it ultimately undermines the spiritual truths we attempt to impart to our students on a daily basis. Secular textbooks teach humanism, naturalism, and materialism, all worldviews which are fundamentally opposed to a biblical worldview by their very nature and educational purpose.


Francis A. Schaeffer, Christian theologian and apologist, defined the secular worldview as taught in American public schools, and all material produced for them.

“If you hold this worldview, you must realize there is no source of knowledge except what man can find for himself; all revelation is ruled out. Knowledge never can be certain; and there can be no value system except that which is totally arbitrary. And more serious than the personal arbitrary value system is the fact that it leaves us only with arbitrary law. There is no basis for law. Law becomes only the decision of a small group of people and what they decide at a given moment is for the good of society.”


CIAS seeks to provide a nurturing and encouraging environment that encourages personal and spiritual growth for both staff and students, as well as facilitating development of critical thinking and communication skills for CIAS students. CIAS is a safe haven from the onslaught of the world and the devil. A spiritual atmosphere is created with prayer, practical Scriptural applications, and various calming techniques.

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