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Dual enrollment in local colleges and universities has had a major role in high school academic planning since its inception in Florida in 1996. Students in grades 6-12 are allowed to dual enroll in the state of Florida. Many CIAS junior and senior students have participated in various dual enrollment opportunities since 1997. These include, but are not limited to, dual enrollment at Pensacola Junior/State College, the University of West Florida, George Stone Technical Center, Faulkner State College, Jefferson Davis Community College, Liberty University, and Southeastern University. Please contact Mary Beth Jones at the CIAS office for more information regarding dual enrollment opportunities.


Note: As of June 2014, due to changes in the Florida laws/statutes, dual enrollment is no longer offered with free tuition to students enrolled in private schools. Each school must pay a certain monetary amount per credit hour for all classes that their students take as dual enrolled high school students. Sadly, CIAS now has to pass these fees along to students and their families since we do not collect large monthly tuition fees like other private schools. The college/university bills CIAS, and CIAS pays them with the funds that parents have pre-paid. Each term/semester's tuition is due by the end of September and January, respectively.


The 2014 Florida Statutes regarding dual enrollment are posted here:


The FLDOE dual enrollment policies are posted here:


An article about dual enrollment funding changes is here:



Pensacola State College


Dual Enrollment at PSC is a challenging acceleration program for academically talented students who wish to earn high school and college credit at the same time. Benefits of the Dual Enrollment program:


  • Reduce the average time-to-college degree

  • Save money by taking college credit classes while in high school

  • Increase the likelihood of college graduation

  • Enhance academic performance

  • Participate in career dual enrollment that will lead to an industry certification. Many industry certifications will articulate to college credit toward a degree.


Dual enrollment at PSC is $71.98 per credit hour. 


Click here for more information regarding dual enrollment at PSC:

University of West Florida


UWF is pleased to welcome talented high school students into our classrooms.  Because the expectations for these students are equal to the expectations of our currently enrolled students, we look for Dual Enrollment students to be strong academically. 


With many courses available online, the list of possibilities has grown both in course offerings and in the number of students who now have access. For more information please contact the Associate Registrar, Eddie Rogers, in the Office of the Registrar.


Dual enrollment at UWF is $105 per credit hour. 


Click here for more information regarding dual enrollment at UWF:



George Stone Technical Center



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