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Life is build on a cause and effect principle of labor and reward, sowing and reaping.  Every effort yields its own reward which in turn qualifies the achiever for broader opportunities.  This principle is found in the Bible and seen in everyday life.  Christian Institute of Arts and Sciences is happy to be able to offer accredited diplomas as  tangible evidence of completion of high school training. 


CIAS hosts a memorable graduation commencement ceremony every spring, on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. Our graduates are encouraged to participate, but are not required to do so.


We offer four diploma programs: 

College Preparatory Diploma
Academic Diploma
Adjusted Diploma
Vocational Diploma

Details for each of these diploma plans are provided in our Graduation Manual here:






College Preparatory Diploma

The College Preparatory Diploma Plan is a strong, competitive diploma designed for students who seek to be admitted to 

a four-year college or university. Students who choose this diploma plan must maintain a GPA of 3.0 (‘B’) or higher and 

score above the national average on SATs and ACTs. Course in this diploma plan include honor courses and dual 

enrollment classes. Two years of sequential foreign language is required, as well as a substantial research paper (1500 

words or more).


Adjusted (ESE) Diploma

The Adjusted Diploma Plan is for exceptional students who cannot achieve a regular diploma program. Sometimes, this is

due to learning disabilities, low cognitive abilities, processing difficulties, low intelligence quotient (IQ), physical 

limitations, and/or other mitigating factors. The courses in this diploma plan are adjusted in their academic levels, according 

to a student’s cognitive and intellectual abilities, and within the limitations of their disability. These students take their 

standardized tests with accommodations (extended time, oral reading, etc.). They also complete their courses and classes 

with modifications and accommodations.


All students in the Adjusted Diploma Plan must have their suspected learning disabilities tested, diagnosed, and 

documented by a qualified educational psychologist, preferably with the WISC IV and Woodcock Johnson III. After this 

evaluation, the student will complete certain courses to meet requirements for credit, and the curricula may or may not be on an adjusted grade level. These situations will be discussed with CIAS guidance, and appropriate curriculum will be recommended after professional diagnosis. Students with learning disabilities must take the Iowa ITED with CIAS up until their senior year; they may also take the TABE upon graduation.


Academic Diploma

The Academic Diploma Plan provides a diploma for students who want to graduate from high school. Many students who 

earn the Academic Diploma attend local community or junior colleges, enter vocational certificate programs, or enter the 

military forces. Students who choose this diploma plan must maintain a GPA of 2.0 (‘C’) or higher and score at the 

national average on SATs and ACTs.




Vocational Diploma

The Vocational Diploma Plan includes vocational and career training into the academic process. These students are 

settled on a particular career, and seek to gain experience and knowledge of said career while in high school. On-the-Job 

Training is a core part of the vocational elective in this diploma plan. Basic academic courses must also be taken, as well 

as the Iowa ITED every year of high school. Vocational students will take the TABE upon graduation, and may take 

classes at the local vocational institutes and schools while in high school. Some students may receive vocational 

certification in their field if they are dual enrolled.

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